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Hearing loss changes your world. Words become whispers. Conversations become a string of mumbles. Trust the experts at Family Hearing Center to help with your hearing needs.

At Family Hearing Centers in Knoxville and Eastern Tennessee, service is a major part of our commitment to you. We offer proactive follow-up care, ...

We know the search for the right hearing aids can be overwhelming. That's why we offer a variety of products to fit your needs. With the leading ...

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Tinnitus affects 20 million Americans and is a distressing and disturbing experience for 1-2% of people. Tinnitus can cause: Disturbance of sleep ...

We want to understand as much as possible about your hearing problem so we can recommend treatment that is appropriate for you. We explore every a ...

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When was the last time you heard a Smoky Mountain stream of a mockingbird singing in the trees? Do you find yourself stumbling through family conversations? We’re here to help find a solution to your hearing problem. At Family Hearing Center, we understand that hearing loss can be difficult to address, discouraging to comprehend, and frustrating to solve. We not only offer a soothing environment and a friendly staff, but we also have years of experience in hearing loss treatment.

Hearing Solutions Made Easy

Hearing loss can be stressful, but getting treatment doesn’t have to be.

At Family Hearing Center, you can relax and know that you’re in good hands.

We start simple. We listen to what you have to say to understand what you’ve been through. We evaluate your hearing to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and discuss the best solution for you.

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You Don't Have to Live With Hearing Loss.

Meet Our Doctors

Established in 1983, Family Hearing Center is committed to providing expert knowledge and care. Our audiologists, Dr. Sue Stone, Dr. Jill Gresham, and Dr. Ashley McDermott, plus our team of patient care representatives are prepared to guide you toward better hearing with hearing evaluations, accurate diagnosis, and effective solutions.

Patient Reviews

James S.

My only regret is that I waited so long to admit that I had a hearing problem and to go to Family Hearing Center for help.

Susan K.

We have both been extremely happy with being able to hear everything and everyone, We can't imagine life without our hearing aids now.

Stephanie W.

Hearing aids have changed my son's life!

Mr. McCosh

I am so pleased with the way [my hearing aids] feel and fit into my ears. We really want to give thanks and credit to Family Hearing Center for introducing us to Lyric hearing aids.

Sara J.

A wonderful place! I have known Dr. Stone for years. I would not go anywhere else.

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