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Try Custom Hearing Aids

By December 2, 2016March 27th, 2018Services

Family Hearing Center offers a full range of assistive listening devices and specialty products to make your life easier. These products are on display in our Knoxville office for you to evaluate.

Custom Plugs

There are many uses for customized ear plugs: reducing noise exposure, keeping water out of your ears while swimming, hands-free cell phone listening, and improving the clarity and volume cell phone conversations. Many of our patients also enjoy improved sleep with comfortable, custom sleep plugs.

Television Listening Device

TVEars® is a favorite TV listening device that brings immediate assistance and relief when your higher volume level is blasting everyone else out of the room! This wireless headset amplifies and clarifies voices so that everyone in the family can enjoy television at a comfortable listening level.

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Using a Dry & Store™ hearing aid conditioning system improves the daily performance of your hearing aids. This electrical appliance for home use dries moisture and ear wax and kills bacteria which cause itching in the ears.

Frustrated with frequent repairs and downtime of your hearing aids? This system may take care of those problems.

Musicians’ Ear Plugs and Sound Monitors

Musicians are exposed to high levels of sound, often for long periods of time. The custom-fitted plugs that we offer are comfortable for long-term use. They preserve the fidelity of the original sound, while attenuating loud noises.

Set up your appointment to come into our office and try these devices today!