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Choose a Hearing Aid

By December 2, 2016March 27th, 2018Featured Home, Services

We know the search for the right hearing aids can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer a variety of products to fit your needs.

With the leading brands in the industry and doctors of audiology to handle your questions and concerns, Family Hearing Center will find the right hearing aid or other treatment option for you.


With advances in digital technology, hearing aids have become more effective than ever. The current hearing aids can operate automatically or you can easily adjust the sound amplification in different situations. This reduces background sounds in noisy situations.


Once you and our hearing specialists have found the perfect hearing aids, we’ll make sure they fit and feel right too. We offer natural looking models in both behind-the-ear and custom molded devices. Our products also come in different colors to match your hair and skin tone to make your hearing solution virtually unnoticeable.


We strive to provide affordable hearing loss solutions with fair, everyday pricing. Also, we offer a trial adjustment period. If you aren’t satisfied with your hearing aid, return it and let us find a better solution for you.

Family Hearing Center also offers financing through Wells Fargo with 12 and 18-month no-interest plans. Please call for more information.


Family Hearing Center is an independent Audiology practice. That means that we are not owned by a manufacturer, franchise, or ear nose and throat doctor. The manufacturers we work with are Widex, Phonak, Oticon, Unitron, Lyric, Resound, Starkey, Microtech, Siemens, and Rexton.

We offer several different hearing aid styles:

  • Behind-the-ear
  • In-the-ear
  • Completely-in-the-canal
  • In-the-canal
  • Extended Wear

Because we are a multi-line practice, we can choose the hearing products which are best for your individual hearing loss. Some providers only represent one manufacturer. We believe that that narrow focus potentially limits your satisfaction with hearing aids.

We survey our patients, and all of them have rated their hearing aids as “very much improving their quality of life.” Over 90% of our patients are wearing their hearing aids more than 8 hours per day.

The manufacturers that we represent are well-known in the field of Audiology. It’s natural to think that the brands you see advertised more often are the best, but those providers spend more money on marketing. Our manufacturers invest their money in research and development to deliver the best possible hearing products available in the industry.