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Audiologists are the primary health care professionals who evaluate, diagnose, treat, and manage hearing loss and balance disorders in adults and children. All of our Audiologists have received an Au.D. (Doctorate in Audiology) from accredited university programs in audiology.

Why does that matter? We know the most important consideration in hearing aid selection is not the hearing aid itself; it’s the skill and knowledge of the professional dispensing the hearing aid. The Audiologist’s responsibility is to ensure that a suitable instrument is selected, and to provide a clear explanation of its merits and limitations.

The doctoral education of Audiologists reflects their broader range of professional expertise. Audiologists receive extensive training in the assessment of hearing, diagnosis, and the fitting and adjustment of hearing aids. This ensures that you receive an accurate diagnosis, an appropriate plan of intervention, and a positive outcome from your hearing aid experience.

It’s not about finding someone who sells hearing aids; it’s about finding a professional with the knowledge and skills to correctly program and maintain your hearing aid; someone who can maximize your hearing potential. And that’s just what you will find at Family Hearing Center.

You need to trust that who you’re working with has your best hearing in mind!