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Don’t Wait

n-dot“In my opinion, hearing aids are easier to wear than glasses. One of the most important things in being successful with hearing aids is to have a competent Audiologist. I had some that didn’t really work with me. If the hearing aid whistled or didn’t sound right, they told me to live with it. Sue has worked with me to make sure that my hearing aids work the way they need to.

I think people should buy the best available hearing aid. You may need to wear a few to notice the difference. People expect hearing aids to sound terrible, but once you try a great hearing aid, you will realize there are differences.”

– Dot S., Knoxville, TN

Hearing Aids Enriched My Life

n-james“My use of hearings aids, obtained from the Family Hearing Center, has greatly enriched my life. Before using the hearing aids, I could not understand much of what my young grandchildren were saying. I was constantly asking, “What did you say” or asking an adult what the grandchildren said. It was irritating to me, to my grandchildren, and to others.

Now, it is very rewarding to have a conversation with them. Also, before wearing hearing aids, I was constantly increasing the television volume, especially when the program had background music or other noise. In the meantime, everyone else in the room was asking for the volume to be reduced. Now I can watch television at a normal volume. Also, just being able to hear what is being said in group discussions is very rewarding.

The Family Hearing Center staff has been great in determining my hearing needs and in making sure that my hearing aids are appropriate for me. My only regret is that I waited so long to admit that I had a hearing problem and to go the Family Hearing Center for help.”

– James S., Lenoir City, TN

An Amazing Difference

n-stephanie-will“Hearing aids have made an amazing difference in Will’s life. Before Will received his hearing aids, he was not interested in activities and often chose to play by himself instead of with other children. When others tried to communicate with or teach Will, he would get frustrated because people could not understand his troubled speech, or he could not understand what they were trying to tell him. Hearing aids have changed my son’s life!

Will took to his hearing aids right away. He loves hearing the sounds of birds, trains and other children. His hearing aids have given him the opportunity to have a normal and productive childhood. We are so proud of all he has accomplished and so grateful for the advanced technology offered with children’s hearing aids… Will has blossomed into an intelligent and social little boy who loves to laugh, listen and learn, all thanks to his hearing aids.”

– Stephanie and Will W., Knoxville, TN

Better Communication

n-mccosh“I am so pleased with the way [my hearing aids] feel and fit into my ears. My wife and I can enjoy going to places where noise is loud, like restaurants, and they don’t pick up any of the background noise. There are no batteries to change anymore, which is nice, and they are so easy to turn on and off.”

“What is really nice is that we are able to communicate and have more normal conversations without having to say “what” and “huh” all of the time. We really want to give thanks and credit to Family Hearing Center for introducing us to Lyric hearing aids.”

– Mr. & Mrs. McCosh, Knoxville, TN

The Perfect Experience

n-susan“Bob and I have hearing problems. It’s been the typical “Huh?”…“What did you say?”…and “Can you turn up the TV volume?” scenario for a number of years. I had been diagnosed with Otosclerosis, a hearing disorder, many years ago, and was fitted with a hearing aid that was never comfortable and never seemed to work correctly. I gave up on wearing it and struggled for many more years without hearing normal conversations or not hearing much at all in a mall or restaurant because of the background noise. It was embarrassing to ask to have the TV volume turned up in someone else’s home. Eventually, I knew I had to do something once again about my hearing loss.

We found Dr. Sue Stone at Family Hearing Center in Knoxville. I was tested and then purchased a new hearing aid. After a year of being so much happier with being able to hear better, we realized I needed an aid for my other ear, and returned to Dr. Stone for her expertise. I now wear two aids. Finally, Bob was tested and started wearing hearing aids.

We have both been extremely happy with being able to hear everything and everyone. We can’t imagine life without our hearing aids now. Dr. Stone made this experience perfect by being professional, knowledgeable, patient, so pleasant, and always available when we needed her. It has been almost a six-year relationship with Dr. Stone and we can’t imagine using the services of any other audiologist in our area.”

– Susan K., Maryville, TN

An Amazing Difference

n-william“My hearing loss was gradual and hereditary. My wife would call out to me “HEY! HEY!” I’d drive down the road and keep on cranking the radio up.
It’s amazing to me the difference with this hearing aid. I can hear sounds I never heard; even cars coming up beside me. It’s great to have it. I wanted durability and power and I got it with this hearing aid.

The first thing I do in the morning: put my glasses on. Second thing: I put my hearing aid on.

Sue’s a good lady. She’ll take care of you.”

– William H., Harriman, TN